Friday, September 3, 2010


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Digital art created with new Steampunk digital collage set from DEZINAWORLD


indybev said...

Well, this is a hoot! Whimsical and clever. Thanks for the smile!

Jacque said...

Dear friend ...... Thanks for the comment !!!!!!!!!!
Glad I'm finding friends who appreciate my blog, where I offer Vintage images I find online.
His works are beautiful !!!!!!!! Gayle
I can not speak English, so I used the translator.



Yvonne said...

It is a bit creepy, but I love it! Thanks for beïng a follwer on my blog. I took your invitation to be a follower of yours, it looks fabulous, there is so much to see!

Junibears said...

Great work Gayle! A smile giver!
Your art is always superb. xx

June said...

Gayle its a fabulous and unique piece and I cant thank you enough for always making my images into beautiful art
hugs June xxxxxx